Candidates who aspire to serve the nation in armed forces choose Dehradun Defence Academy for only one reason which is that we understand the urgency, time constraints, we understand the nature of competition and we know the length and breadth of the entire syllabus.
Dear aspirant, give us 6 months of your time without any leave and some dedication towards studies. you will be shocked to find out what an institution with expert faculties can teach you in so little a time. Coverage of entire syllabus from basics to advance, Mock tests, previous year questions, their solution and study material in pdf format are just some of the feature of our curriculum.
Before joining our institute compare our faculties and their qualifications with that of any other institute. Feel free to check our lectures on youtube and study material on our telegram channel.

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    "One who is an officer is an officer, and will remain one, rest of one's Life for."

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