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Dehradun Defence College, A Gurukul of the next generation, is situated at the foothills of Garhwal Himalayas, and Shivalik mountain ranges where students are instilled with Indian values and cultural ethos, keeping in mind the changing time and needs. They will be a future generation with Indian values and cultural heritage, deeply rooted in.

Dehradun Defence College is preparing the students for NDA and Defence Services examinations apart from IIT and Technical Courses but also for future course their life journey. Young boys are not only prepared how to overcome these various entrance examination obstacles, but they all inculcated with Indian values to help them stand tall, and make there mark and presents felt, wherever and whenever they are- and being noticed for what and who they all are, and will be.

At Dehradun Defence College, the stress is not only for academic excellence, but also for their overall growth and personal grooming, what we believe in, as a team, is that one is an officer first withing from, and in his mind one is officer first from within in his mind and then and his behavior and the way he conducts himself, as they say!, one who is an officer, is an officer now, and will remain one rest of one’s life, and which is why the stress is always on personal grooming and values along with academic excellence and core cocurricular that alone will ensure, one is molded enough in right shape to help one face life’s challenges, along with being able to overcome the obstacles of various examination, with ease and comfort, once and for all..

Dehradun Defence College, have been around for almost 7 Years where each student is groomed and prepare not only for the written part of NDA Entrance Examination but there also due li prepare for and expose to SSB(Services Selection Board) so that one is well aware of what one will have to stands for to face the SSB Challenges. SSB is and will be easiest for the one who has properly been groomed with various aspects of personal interviews and debating qualities that alone will help him stand taller and towering over with his officers like skills and qualities, that what an expert who himself has been apart of SSB interview board and it his Job alone and will be to ensure that us students is well prepared irrespective who he is and where he may come from, and that alone will help us students believing in his ability and being supremely and self confident to help him sail through the every obstacles that may be thrown at him from time to time in his due course of being an officer, of highest order apart from in his due course of his life being a human being. So he will be able to lead by examples, and when he will speak people not only be love to listen to him but also do as there being told for…

At Dehradun Defence College, we have the best chosen faculty, who all are achievers in their own unique way, and which is why they will be able to groom the students, not only how to clear the NDA Entrance Examination, but also for various technical competitive examinations, as it is for them, being there and done about for…

Dehradun Defence College has been able to till date help around 14 students successfully not only cleared the NDA written examination but also the biggest of obstacles of all, the SSB Interviews, in their unique one attempts itself, and that credit can not be shared only among the faculty and the SSB instructors, but also because of the deep sense of enthusiasm and eagerness that each of the candidate has been prepared with during their entire period of stay, at Dehradun Defence College. So the credit of more for the students, for their sense of purpose and achievement, that alone has helped them achieve what they have been able to achieve for…

Dehradun Defence College, a next generation of Gurukul has deliberately been established at the foothills of Garhwal Himalayas because of the surrounding environment that offers, plays a huge role in its self to mould the students to be able to be soaked with the natural vibration of the nature that alone helps him realise the from the day one itself the potential he is born and capable of, and with about, like the nature herself, she is supremely self-sufficient in every aspect of her life, and which is what makes us our complete in all aspect without having depend anyone any of her needs and requirement, and the same with each of the students over the period of 2 years will be prepared for every obstacles that he may will face in one’s life with the same is an affirmation with which nature does job silently and quietly and we all then become mare spectators live in all inspiration, the same will be the students each and every one of them at Dehradun Defence College…



"One who is an officer is an officer, and will remain one, rest of one's Life for."

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