NDA Foundation After 10th for Girls

NDA Foundation After 10th for Girls

NDA coaching after 10th for Girls

In today’s era, there is no difference between girls and boys. Both are measured under the same parameters even in defence sector. In defence also girls are getting equal opportunities. Girls are showing the same passion and patriotism to join the armed forces as boys do. Talking about NDA, there are great opportunities in NDA for girls. NDA selects deserving female candidates for various posts based on their skills and abilities. 

NDA is a national-level examination conducted twice a year to select the best candidates. NDA is one of the tough examinations that require thorough practice to qualify it. There are several stages in NDA selection and the appearing candidates have to qualify for all the stages to get selected. For girls also, there are set parameters and they need to fulfill these criteria for selection.

Today’s youth is going to be the future of our country. They must understand the value and cultural etiquette of India as they are going to represent our country to the world. Dehradun Defence College trains its students for upcoming challenges keeping in mind the values and cultural etiquette. We prepare the students for NDA selection making them strong both mentally and physically as well as emotionally.     

About Dehradun Defence College

Dehradun Defence College is a rising name in the history of defence academies that train female candidates for NDA. NDA is a prestigious profession to choose for girls. If you are dedicated to joining defence sector then you should start preparing for it quite early. You can join us even after the 10th so that you got selected for NDA. Dehradun Defence College provides you with one of the best NDA coachings after 10th.   

  • Experienced Teachers

Faculty members are the main pillars of a coaching academy that help the students to prepare for examinations. We have a team of experienced teachers. They guide the students to qualify NDA exam. Our faculty equally focus on academics as well as physical fitness. That is why they conduct various indoor and outdoor activities that strengthen the students both mentally and physically.

  • Best Study Material

We provide the best study material to the students which is specially designed for NDA preparation. NDA is one of the tough competitive examinations in India that require good coaching and the best study material. Hence, we give special attention on making customized study material for NDA preparation.

  • Good Infrastructure and Campus

Infrastructure is the basic thing that every student looks for when he/she approaches any coaching academy. Dehradun Defence College provides good infrastructure and a huge campus for the students for NDA preparation. The academy is located in the beautiful landscapes in Maldevta, Dehradun which is perfect for NDA coaching for girls after 10th. They will be able to concentrate peacefully on their academics and extra-curricular activities. 

  • Hostel and Mess Facility

Dehradun Defence College provides a hostel and mess facility to girl students. We have spacious hostel rooms for the comfortable stay of the students. Along with this, we offer hygienic mess facilities to our hostel students. 

  • Affordable Fee Structure

Our fee structure is quite reasonable that can be affordable by all the class of students. Dehradun Defence College offers the best NDA coaching after 10th for girls under an affordable fee structure. You only concentrate on your dream and rest everything leaves on us. We will guide you to prepare for NDA selection.

  • Extra-Curricular Activities

NDA preparation required a lot of physical strength along with academics. Hence, we also focus on extra-curricular activities such as indoor and outdoor activities to strengthen our students. Our mentors conduct various activities and events that help the students to improve their physical fitness and strength.

  • Personality Development Classes

NDA is a profession that select meritorious candidates based on various factors. In the selection procedure, the candidates have to go through several stages where they will be judged based on their academics, physical fitness, interpersonal skills, communication skills, presentation, etc. In short, the candidates will be selected based on their overall personality. Hence, our mentors give special attention on the personality development sessions to upgrade the students.

  • Mock Tests & Weekly Tests

Tests are very important to analyze the progress of a particular student. The faculty members conduct mock tests and weekly tests regularly so that the students can analyze their preparation so far. These tests help the students to mark their weaknesses, so they can work more on their weaker areas. More you practice on your weak points, the more clarity you will get.

Why NDA is a good career option for girls?

NDA is a prestigious career opportunity for anyone, especially girls. It is like a dream come true for any female candidate who wants to be in defence. However, earlier female candidates were not allowed to appear for NDA exams but now they have also got the opportunity to join NDA. You can start preparing for the NDA exam under the guidance of our expert teachers. Coming back to NDA as a good career option for the girl, there are different reasons, such as-

  • Job Security

NDA is a considerably secure job for girls as compared to other job opportunities available these days. Job security is an important factor in providing satisfaction for employees and it also makes sure that they and their families are safe. 

  • Job Satisfaction

NDA selection brings a lot of benefits to you. You got a chance to serve your country, and this feeling itself gives you self-satisfaction. Self-satisfaction gives you inner peace and so you feel in NDA. Along with this you also get other benefits such as health care benefits, handsome pay, pension facility, etc.

  • Ability to learn various skills

The level of discipline, training, and other skills that you get to learn in defence are unbeatable. You get training for physical strength, personality development, leadership, etc. which is one step above any other field.

  • Handsome Salary

One of the main attractions of NDA is the high salary packages. A good salary package brings development and independence to female employees.

NDA is a prestigious career option to choose for girls after 10th. If you have a dream to join NDA then this is high time to fulfill your dream. You can join Dehradun Defence College and start preparing for NDA selection under the guidance of our experienced faculties.

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